Welcome to the Official Escort Marketing Guide

Many girls choose to enter the escort industry as a way to become financially independent and some girls really just enjoy the sex. Whether you are entering the industry as a way to get a little extra income on the side, or you would like to take the steps to becoming a full time, independent escort, this website is here to provide all the resources to you so that you can make the best, safest and most cost effective choices when working and advertising your services.

Here we will do our best to provide links, information and access to help on building your business as a Private, Independent Escort. There are many different ways of entering the escort industry.

You may choose to build your business and refine your service on your own, without help from other experienced working girls, or you may choose to start at a parlour, gentlemens club or escort agency where they can help you get started with first hand advice and financial support.

Either way, you are welcome to contact us at any stage by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ link on the menu and we will give you any advice you may need, absolutely free of charge.

Please make your way through this website and check out all of the available resources and information about Escorting in New Zealand, legally.