Escort Videos

We have officially entered the era of online high definition video streaming right to your mobile phone. YouTube is one of the worlds most popular websites and online video has become the standard for advertising online in many industries and on many websites. Consumers expect high quality, engaging video content. And that’s exactly what NZ Girls delivers.

As we continue this online journey, video content with eventually become the dominant marketing media online without a doubt, if not already.

How do I get a video online?

New Zealand Girls has been at the forefront of video advertising for escorts for the past few years and currently has the largest database of escorts advertising using video profiles in the world. No other website or online advertising platform for escorts is as advanced and content rich as New Zealand Girls.

Over the past few years, New Zealand Girls has raised the standard in online video advertising for escorts. The production value, creativity, efficiency and quality of videos has risen dramatically as they continue to invest in helping escorts get the most out of video profiles online.

Over the past few years, New Zealand Girls has raised the standard in online video advertising for escorts.

By asking the visitors of New Zealand Girls to pay a small fee for access to the videos, it has enabled New Zealand Girls to help fund much of the high quality video production and help escorts from all over the country to get started with a quality video profile for no extra charge, just one of the many services provided to escorts that choose to advertise online exclusively with New Zealand Girls.

Talk to your account manager at New Zealand Girls about getting your own private video filmed, edited and hosted by their professional video team. Call 0800 89 44 757 and talk to the Members Lounge Manager.

What do I need to know?

NZ Girls can help you prepare for your video shoot and help make you feel comfortable when filming, you can still keep your identity hidden and enjoy all the benefits of having a video, such as an increase in business, a more professional online presence and a higher caliber and class of client.

The filming process is made very easy for you by the team at NZ Girls, however it helps to have a think about ways you can make your video a little bit unique and sexy. NZ Girls will help guide you and answer any questions you have about the process, especially if it’s your first time in front of a video camera.

Take a look at a couple of example videos that New Zealand Girls have created for their exclusive advertisers.

What should I bring?

Think about the clothing or lingerie you would like to wear, prepare two or three of your favourite outfits that you feel comfortable and sexy in.

Remember, when you look good, you feel good… comfort and confidence shines on camera!

Your video profile is all about you, looking and feeling natural and sexy. We do not film pornography or explicit material, your video is all about enticing men to enjoy your company in person. Whether you feel comfortable and sexy in high-heels and jeans or would rather showcase yourself in sexy lacy lingerie, do what makes you feel sexy.

Where do we film?

NZ Girls can help organize a location at one of the many photographers studios, or you may like one of our professional cinematographers to film on location at your place of work or somewhere different like the beach, a hotel room or special location.

When can we start filming?

Simply call or email your NZ Girls account manager directly to book a time or call 0800 8944757 and ask about advertising in the Members Lounge with New Zealand Girls.