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Before New Zealand Girls came along, the only place you could advertise your services was in the News Paper, these News Paper ads literally cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars per week if you wanted just ONE photo of yourself and three lines of text … now, with the fast update of high speed broad band, computers, iphones, smart phones and the internet in general, the game has changed.

New Zealand Girls offers escorts at least 7 full sized photos and 5 thumbnails on your online ad , and girls that take advantage of the Members Lounge may have up to 20 additional high res photos. You can have dozens of lines of text, free video profiles, your OWN personal work email, your OWN personal web URL and more, all for a fraction of the price of an ad in the News Paper, the Radio or conventional media.

The most successful escorts in the country, are those that take full advantage of all of the additional services offered to them by New Zealand Girls, most of which are FREE with their online ad.

According to the NZPC there are around 5000 current (within the last 24 months) working girls in New Zealand, many of them advertise at some stage during the year with New Zealand Girls and there are around 750 – 1000¬†girls online during any one week. Even though there are plenty of guys to go around (up to 500’000 per month) there is still some competition, but it is NOT hard to shine above the rest, as long as you present yourself and your service professionally and take advantage of the advice and services offered by New Zealand Girls.

“Receive between 5 and 20 calls per day”

Most girls that have a well presented profile on New Zealand Girls will receive between 5 and 20 calls per day. This is not uncommon. It is the greatest advertising platform available in New Zealand for escorts to advertise their services without question, but it is important to present yourself properly.

A good ad – Once you have spoken to New Zealand Girls, you will be assigned a friendly account manager who is there to help you every step of the way. Your account manager will write, or help you write yourself a well worded and appealing introduction text and profile. Your profile text should include a little about your personality, and entice guys (or girls) to give you a call. A brief description about yourself and your service is recommended, enough that guys can get an idea of what you are like before they call you.

Photography – Obviously, one of the most important parts of your online presence. Men in New Zealand are now used to scrolling through high quality photos, so it is important that you try your best to get professional photographs taken. Getting the right angles, the right light and the best quality makes all the difference when it comes to photos, so let one of the experienced professional NZG photographers turn you in to a working model. The photoshop team at New Zealand Girls can crop or blur your face and remove any identifying marks such as tattoos or birthmarks to help hide your identity should you require it.

Videos – In the last five years, video content online has become number 1. Most people would rather watch a video online than read or click through photos, the huge success of youtube has proven this. The popularity of the video content on New Zealand Girls is becoming pronounced and many guys are requesting video profiles from escorts on New Zealand Girls. We are noticing a trend where girls that have a video profile are often the ones whom are getting the most work.

Email – Many guys prefer the discretion of an email, specially for the initial contact. If you choose to take advantage of your free nzgmail account then it is important you check it consistently and on a daily basis. Many guys will get frustrated if they email you and you never respond. Always check your email accounts, specially during busy times.

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