Escort Reviews


The NZ Adult Forum is the largest escort reviews website in New Zealand. The Adult Forum is home to a large community of visitors and members whom are very welcoming to new escorts and sexual service enthusiasts alike. Members post ‘reviews’ and short accounts of the time that they spent with escorts for others to read.

Positive reviews can generate a further big boost to your online advertising and any escorts that advertises with NZG may link to their ad using their personal online NZG URL. Escorts can announce tours, specials and more on the adult forum which receives THOUSANDS of visits every day!

Engage with clients on the forum or the forum chat to increase business and build personal rapport with the community.

It is best to stay professional and keep a level head when posting on the forum, avoid getting too involved with any discussion that isn’t related to you and keep your posting to a minimum, this will create intrigue and a somewhat illusive, sexy and friendly aura about you. Avoid arguing with anyone and always maintain composure, this will maintain your respect and elegancy.

Use the forum to your advantage, respond to positive reviews with thanks and a smile and it’s generally always best to apologize and suggest you will improve your service if there is any constructive criticism passed on.

If you feel any reviews about you are unjustified or wrong, do not hesitate to contact the Adult Forum Administratorand request to have them removed.

If you do not wish to be discussed on the Adult Forum at all, you may also request to have your name placed on the DND (Do Not Discuss) list which means any posts about you will be deleted and no one may post any reference to you. Some escorts do prefer this and it is not a problem to have this done. Please talk to your NZ Girls account manager about this.

Escort Videos

We have officially entered the era of online high definition video streaming right to your mobile phone. YouTube is one of the worlds most popular websites and online video has become the standard for advertising online in many industries and on many websites. Consumers expect high quality, engaging video content. And that’s exactly what NZ Girls delivers.

As we continue this online journey, video content with eventually become the dominant marketing media online without a doubt, if not already.

How do I get a video online?

New Zealand Girls has been at the forefront of video advertising for escorts for the past few years and currently has the largest database of escorts advertising using video profiles in the world. No other website or online advertising platform for escorts is as advanced and content rich as New Zealand Girls.

Over the past few years, New Zealand Girls has raised the standard in online video advertising for escorts. The production value, creativity, efficiency and quality of videos has risen dramatically as they continue to invest in helping escorts get the most out of video profiles online.

Over the past few years, New Zealand Girls has raised the standard in online video advertising for escorts.

By asking the visitors of New Zealand Girls to pay a small fee for access to the videos, it has enabled New Zealand Girls to help fund much of the high quality video production and help escorts from all over the country to get started with a quality video profile for no extra charge, just one of the many services provided to escorts that choose to advertise online exclusively with New Zealand Girls.

Talk to your account manager at New Zealand Girls about getting your own private video filmed, edited and hosted by their professional video team. Call 0800 89 44 757 and talk to the Members Lounge Manager.

What do I need to know?

NZ Girls can help you prepare for your video shoot and help make you feel comfortable when filming, you can still keep your identity hidden and enjoy all the benefits of having a video, such as an increase in business, a more professional online presence and a higher caliber and class of client.

The filming process is made very easy for you by the team at NZ Girls, however it helps to have a think about ways you can make your video a little bit unique and sexy. NZ Girls will help guide you and answer any questions you have about the process, especially if it’s your first time in front of a video camera.

Take a look at a couple of example videos that New Zealand Girls have created for their exclusive advertisers.

What should I bring?

Think about the clothing or lingerie you would like to wear, prepare two or three of your favourite outfits that you feel comfortable and sexy in.

Remember, when you look good, you feel good… comfort and confidence shines on camera!

Your video profile is all about you, looking and feeling natural and sexy. We do not film pornography or explicit material, your video is all about enticing men to enjoy your company in person. Whether you feel comfortable and sexy in high-heels and jeans or would rather showcase yourself in sexy lacy lingerie, do what makes you feel sexy.

Where do we film?

NZ Girls can help organize a location at one of the many photographers studios, or you may like one of our professional cinematographers to film on location at your place of work or somewhere different like the beach, a hotel room or special location.

When can we start filming?

Simply call or email your NZ Girls account manager directly to book a time or call 0800 8944757 and ask about advertising in the Members Lounge with New Zealand Girls.


Escort Photography

New Zealand Girls are experts at creating the best profile possible for your advertising. Possibly the most important part of any ad for an escort is her photography. Your professional photos need to be enticing, alluring and show you at your very best.

New Zealand Girls have a number of professional photographers that know how to get the best out of your photo shoot and really make you stand out as a top class escort.

We have collected a small selection of example photos for you to get an idea of poses, lingerie, angles, location, background and quality that will help you to get the most out of your advertising online.

The photos below were taken by our professional photographers and show that no matter what your body type is, it is easy to look good with the right angles, poses, colour and clothing.

We highly recommend contacting New Zealand Girls, we will organize your professional photography shoot, one that you will be very happy and proud of.

To even take it a step further, the future is all in video profiles and throughout 2016 you’re going to see HUGE growth in this area of the site.

Visit the website or contact your nzgirls account manager.

Alternatively give NZ Girls a call on 0800 89 GIRLS (0800 89 44 757) during working hours.

Advertising Online

Before New Zealand Girls came along, the only place you could advertise your services was in the News Paper, these News Paper ads literally cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars per week if you wanted just ONE photo of yourself and three lines of text … now, with the fast update of high speed broad band, computers, iphones, smart phones and the internet in general, the game has changed.

New Zealand Girls offers escorts at least 7 full sized photos and 5 thumbnails on your online ad , and girls that take advantage of the Members Lounge may have up to 20 additional high res photos. You can have dozens of lines of text, free video profiles, your OWN personal work email, your OWN personal web URL and more, all for a fraction of the price of an ad in the News Paper, the Radio or conventional media.

The most successful escorts in the country, are those that take full advantage of all of the additional services offered to them by New Zealand Girls, most of which are FREE with their online ad.

According to the NZPC there are around 5000 current (within the last 24 months) working girls in New Zealand, many of them advertise at some stage during the year with New Zealand Girls and there are around 750 – 1000 girls online during any one week. Even though there are plenty of guys to go around (up to 500’000 per month) there is still some competition, but it is NOT hard to shine above the rest, as long as you present yourself and your service professionally and take advantage of the advice and services offered by New Zealand Girls.

“Receive between 5 and 20 calls per day”

Most girls that have a well presented profile on New Zealand Girls will receive between 5 and 20 calls per day. This is not uncommon. It is the greatest advertising platform available in New Zealand for escorts to advertise their services without question, but it is important to present yourself properly.

A good ad – Once you have spoken to New Zealand Girls, you will be assigned a friendly account manager who is there to help you every step of the way. Your account manager will write, or help you write yourself a well worded and appealing introduction text and profile. Your profile text should include a little about your personality, and entice guys (or girls) to give you a call. A brief description about yourself and your service is recommended, enough that guys can get an idea of what you are like before they call you.

Photography – Obviously, one of the most important parts of your online presence. Men in New Zealand are now used to scrolling through high quality photos, so it is important that you try your best to get professional photographs taken. Getting the right angles, the right light and the best quality makes all the difference when it comes to photos, so let one of the experienced professional NZG photographers turn you in to a working model. The photoshop team at New Zealand Girls can crop or blur your face and remove any identifying marks such as tattoos or birthmarks to help hide your identity should you require it.

Videos – In the last five years, video content online has become number 1. Most people would rather watch a video online than read or click through photos, the huge success of youtube has proven this. The popularity of the video content on New Zealand Girls is becoming pronounced and many guys are requesting video profiles from escorts on New Zealand Girls. We are noticing a trend where girls that have a video profile are often the ones whom are getting the most work.

Email – Many guys prefer the discretion of an email, specially for the initial contact. If you choose to take advantage of your free nzgmail account then it is important you check it consistently and on a daily basis. Many guys will get frustrated if they email you and you never respond. Always check your email accounts, specially during busy times.

Where do I advertise?

There are many different options available to you as an independent escort to advertise your services both in the news paper and online.

Newspapers and Print

Typically, newspapers such as the NZ Herald are very expensive and may cost upwards of $140 per week (according to their rate card) for a very small ad, three lines of text, at the back of the paper under adult entertainment. Newspapers also attract a very limited and lower class audience according to many escorts in the industry. Also, because there are no pictures and you can only post very limited information, you will often receive many unwanted calls asking many unwanted questions.

Online Advertising

Advertising online is probably the best way to expose yourself to a male dominated target audience whom are somewhat computer savvy and have money.

Currently there is only one real value for money website in New Zealand that offers escorts freedom, experience, support and the help they need to get started and making real, good money. That is New Zealand Girls –

New Zealand Girls started in 2005, soon after the law was changed to legalize prostitution and they were the first to heavily promote the niche that was, private and independent escorting. They are now the only place the majority ofescorts choose to advertise their services in New Zealand.

New Zealand Girls offer escorts the respect and the assistance of a professional company and their account managers go out of their way to ensure you are a busy and happy escort.

New Zealand Girls advertise their website in all major newspapers, online and on major radio stations nationwide to an audience of millions of people in New Zealand alone. This in turn, drives traffic to your ad. Up to 900’000 visits per month, over 11.5 million visits per year with over 135 million page views – there is no other advertising platform like this available to escorts in New Zealand.

A large percentage of escorts on New Zealand Girls are making between $4000 – $10’000 PER WEEK, many of the top girls that take advantage of all of the advertising advice given to them and provide a good service can easily bring in, up to and above $250’000 per year.

It all depends how many hours you choose to work. Many, many escorts that choose to work as little as 10 hours a week can easily bring in $2500 a week. The figures speak for themselves.

The best way to get started is to call 0800 89 44 757 or email New Zealand Girls and talk to an account manager about getting started as an independent escort. Should you feel more comfortable with first hand training from professional escorts within the industry and security from an agency or parlour, New Zealand Girls will point you in the right direction and give you contact details to the best agencies in town.

Escort and Prostitution Law

Prostitution (sex work) is legal and regulated in New Zealand. Prior to 2003, prostitution in New Zealand was governed by the Massage Parlours Act 1978, which allowed some indoor prostitution under a facade; indoor sex workers were required to be registered with the police. Advertising the sale of sex (“soliciting”), running a brothel, and living from the earnings of prostitution were illegal.

These laws were changed by the Prostitution Reform Act, passed in June 2003. The decriminalisation of brothels,escort agencies and soliciting and substitution of a minimal regulatory model created worldwide interest; New Zealand prostitution laws are now some of the most liberal in the world. (See Prostitution and the law).

Although prior to 2003 New Zealand had several laws meant to suppress prostitution, in practice, during the last decades of the 20th century, there had been a high degree of toleration of sex work. Nevertheless, police continued to raid brothels, streets, and private residences of sex workers right up to the day before the Prostitution Reform Bill was passed by Parliament.

The purpose of this Act is to decriminalize prostitution (while not endorsing or morally sanctioning prostitution or its use) and to create a framework that safeguards the human rights of sex workers and protects them from exploitation. It includes occupational health and safety for NZ sex workers.

Now in 2016, escorting (prostitution) in New Zealand has become extremely mainstream and as many as 1 in 10 (if not more) males in New Zealand show an active interest in paying for sex.

New Zealand Girls, is the largest and most well known website for escorts to advertise their services (think of it as the TradeMe, for NZ Escorts). The website receives 900’000 visits from kiwi males every month, with over 135 million page views per year.

These numbers as staggering and show that there is certainly no shortage of New Zealand and International males (and females) looking for escort services.

Now that escorting has become far more acceptable than ever before, the demand, the money and the law is there to help protect and keep escorts safe as well as provide amazing earning potential for those that choose to market themselves properly.