Escort and Prostitution Law

Prostitution (sex work) is legal and regulated in New Zealand. Prior to 2003, prostitution in New Zealand was governed by the Massage Parlours Act 1978, which allowed some indoor prostitution under a facade; indoor sex workers were required to be registered with the police. Advertising the sale of sex (“soliciting”), running a brothel, and living from the earnings of prostitution were illegal.

These laws were changed by the Prostitution Reform Act, passed in June 2003. The decriminalisation of brothels,escort agencies and soliciting and substitution of a minimal regulatory model created worldwide interest; New Zealand prostitution laws are now some of the most liberal in the world. (See Prostitution and the law).

Although prior to 2003 New Zealand had several laws meant to suppress prostitution, in practice, during the last decades of the 20th century, there had been a high degree of toleration of sex work. Nevertheless, police continued to raid brothels, streets, and private residences of sex workers right up to the day before the Prostitution Reform Bill was passed by Parliament.

The purpose of this Act is to decriminalize prostitution (while not endorsing or morally sanctioning prostitution or its use) and to create a framework that safeguards the human rights of sex workers and protects them from exploitation. It includes occupational health and safety for NZ sex workers.

Now in 2016, escorting (prostitution) in New Zealand has become extremely mainstream and as many as 1 in 10 (if not more) males in New Zealand show an active interest in paying for sex.

New Zealand Girls, is the largest and most well known website for escorts to advertise their services (think of it as the TradeMe, for NZ Escorts). The website receives¬†900’000 visits from kiwi males every month, with over 135 million page views per year.

These numbers as staggering and show that there is certainly no shortage of New Zealand and International males (and females) looking for escort services.

Now that escorting has become far more acceptable than ever before, the demand, the money and the law is there to help protect and keep escorts safe as well as provide amazing earning potential for those that choose to market themselves properly.

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