Escort Reviews


The NZ Adult Forum is the largest escort reviews website in New Zealand. The Adult Forum is home to a large community of visitors and members whom are very welcoming to new escorts and sexual service¬†enthusiasts alike. Members post ‘reviews’ and short accounts of the time that they spent with escorts for others to read.

Positive reviews can generate a further big boost to your online advertising and any escorts that advertises with NZG may link to their ad using their personal online NZG URL. Escorts can announce tours, specials and more on the adult forum which receives THOUSANDS of visits every day!

Engage with clients on the forum or the forum chat to increase business and build personal rapport with the community.

It is best to stay professional and keep a level head when posting on the forum, avoid getting too involved with any discussion that isn’t related to you and keep your posting to a minimum, this will create intrigue and a somewhat illusive, sexy and friendly aura about you. Avoid arguing with anyone and always maintain composure, this will maintain your respect and elegancy.

Use the forum to your advantage, respond to positive reviews with thanks and a smile and it’s generally always best to apologize and suggest you will improve your service if there is any constructive criticism passed on.

If you feel any reviews about you are unjustified or wrong, do not hesitate to contact the Adult Forum Administratorand request to have them removed.

If you do not wish to be discussed on the Adult Forum at all, you may also request to have your name placed on the DND (Do Not Discuss) list which means any posts about you will be deleted and no one may post any reference to you. Some escorts do prefer this and it is not a problem to have this done. Please talk to your NZ Girls account manager about this.